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Monthly Character Series

UPDATE: Now that this project is complete, the book will be coming out near the end of 2019 ! The 2020 calendar is already up and can be found on my shop here. Thank you to everyone who followed this journey throughout the year of 2018! <3

The Monthly Character Series was a personal project I pursued for the year of 2018 where every month I attempted to create a character based off of that respective month using common characteristics, zodiac symbols, birthstones ect. And write a short story about them, which I narrated in a new YouTube video every month.

It's been a difficult project to say the least, but one that I have also had quite a bit of fun with. It was an incredibly fulfilling project and one of my biggest accomplishments of 2018! I hope you enjoy(ed) the stories and illustrations!

Jan's Story

While on a walk to an important business meeting, Jan receives a shaking call about her father that suddenly sends this usually calm, responsible young woman into a situation where, for the first time, she's not in control.

Febby's Story

Febby doesn't like people, and people don't like him. But that's just fine. After all, he never asked for any other way. He's always been able to do whatever he needs to do himself. But what would happen if he came across someone who wanted nothing more than for him to make himself... happy?

Marc's Story

Marc can't swim, or so he'd make you think from the fact that he hasn't touched a large body of water in years. Why is this the case? No one knows except his best friend Cho, but where has he gone? Oh no.... it seems there's a boy here who REALLY can't swim.

April's Story

On her journey to start her new life at college, April can't help but reminisce about her childhood and more importantly about the event that was a turning point in her life. What would you do if you found out everyone you love had been hiding a huge secret about your life from you?

May's Story

With her pottery business quickly going downhill, for May, it seems every day is filled with one frustration after another.

She's been working hard, but that seems to not be enough... or maybe, as her old high school friend has pointed out, that isn't the real issue.

June's Story

Fear is such an annoyance. Thankfully June never really had to deal much with overwhelming fear. But after recovering from a bad rock climbing accident, June found herself terrified of heights. As she tries to understand and get over this new fear, June finds that maybe she was farther from making a full recovery than she thought.

Jules' Story

Never being able to settle on one passion, Jules' life felt like it had no direction, no true calling. But when and why did he have the idea that having one true calling is the only way to to live life? What if a person didn't have to settle? Would that ever work?

Gus's Story Awkward, shy, alone. That was life for Gus at the start of middle school. So when someone came up to him, asking for friendship and taking away his unbearable loneliness, Gus felt nothing but grateful. What he didn't realize is that when it comes to some relationships, you're better off alone.

Sep's Story

Ever have one of "those days"? The days where, just when you think you've got enough on your plate, life pops in and waves it's finger in your face saying "Oh, and this too."? Well, as a working mother, "those days" are just too common.

Octavious's Story "What was your inspiration" That was the question Octavious was just asked in his interview for his new hit horror novel. But Octo has hit a total blank when it comes to the answer. What was his inspiration? This will take some deep thought to figure out. Better stall, Octavious!

Nova's Story

As an indie singer/song writer, things are going pretty great for Nova. People enjoy her music, her fan base is growing, she's going on tours, and 'Sunshine' as her family and friends call her, is always just so full of positivity. So why is it this Sunshine-of-a-personality gal... suddenly feels like a rainy cloud?

Declan's Story

There is only two thing Declan likes; tea and solitude. A complete contrast to his bubbly siblings. Thankfully, as adults, he doesn't have to deal with them... unless he happens to pop his tire and get's forced into their family tradition holiday. But that seems to be the least of Declan's problem. A big day is coming up for his tea shop... and all his employees

are out of commission.

Check out this series and many other videos over on my YouTube channel! Click here to subscribe!

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