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  • Job's The Artist won't take
    The Artist will not take commissions that include anything NSFW. This includes anything sexually explicit and/or excessively violent. Basically, please keep it PG-13 or under. In addition, The Artist reserves the right to decline any commission request.
  • How Payments Will Be Processed
    All payments will be processed through PayPal. Once the client and The Artist have agreed on a commission job, The Artist will send an invoice via e-mail to the client from which the client will be able to send payment Work will begin once payment is recieved.
  • The Commission Process
    Commission agreement The client sends commission request to The Artist. The Artist and the client then discuss the job via e-mail. Once an agreement is made, The Artist sends the client an e-mail containing a link to an invoice statement. Invoice and payment From the invoice, the client will be able to make payment. Work begins Sketch validation or Revision IF A SKETCH VALIDATION or REVISION was in the agreement, The Artist will send the client a rough sketch (or other unfinished version) of the commission at which point the client will have the opportunity to request changes/modifications. NOTE: Not all commissions come with a sketch validation/revision stage. Artwork completion Final delivery
  • Refunds
    If a client wishes to withdraw their order once payment had been made but before work has begun on their piece, they will be provided with a full refund minus the PayPal processing fee (Currently: 3.49% + $0.49). If a client wishes to withdraw their order once the work has been done, the client will only be refunded to up to half of whatever amount has already been paid (this is due to the materials and time spent on creating the artwork) and the client will not be sent the full-resolution image or be permitted to use the artwork for any purposes. If a client wishes to withdraw their order anytime during the commission process, they will have the option to either Being refunded for any work not-yet done and receiving the commission at whatever stage it may be. Being refunded for any work not-yet done plus half of the normal cost for a commission equivalent to work already done. The client does not receive a full-resolution image and is not permitted to use the artwork for any purpose. Commissions are non-returnable
  • Copyrights
    Commissioned artwork is to be used by the client for personal purposes ONLY unless otherwise agreed upon. By default, The Artist retains all rights to any artwork produced including commissioned pieces. Clients are not permitted to reproduce or sell/make profit from artwork without The Artist's written consent. Unless otherwise agreed upon, commissions are not exclusive or confidential. The Artist retains the right to share/release the work and all process images/videos relating to it. Clients may share commissioned artwork on social media if they so wish, however The Artist would apreciate if credit is given. If sharing on Twitter or Instagram, simply use the tag: @zaccura_art If sharing on other platforms, The Artist's name (Zaccura) and a link to this webite or any of Zaccura's social media pages should be included. Thank you!

If you have any questions, feel free to include them in your

message and I'll be happy to answer!

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