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YEAR: a collection of short stories (OUT NOW!)

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Beta version of the front cover

Print release date: AVAILABLE HERE Ebook: AVAILABLE HERE


"What do you do if your best friend is about to drown, and you can’t swim? How do you choose between caring for a sick kid, and getting food on the table? And who can you trust when it’s revealed your whole life was a lie?

From conquering fears and self-doubt, to surviving family drama, to simply finding time in the race of life to take a breath and look up at the clouds. YEAR is a collection of twelve short stories about everyday people overcoming everyday challenges in the face of not-so-everyday happenings.

Filled with morals, warm fuzzies, and over seventy illustrations bringing these stories to life."

From the Author

'YEAR' is a project I took on during 2018. It was a project to create one character, draw one illustration, and write one story every month. I shared these creations in a monthly YouTube series, appropriately named 'The Monthly Character Series', and soon got feedback suggesting I turn the project into either a calendar or a book. And so I decided to do both!

However, due to an unexpected opportunity (*cough* Zig’s Journey *cough*), I ended up putting this project on hold. But now, one year later, I’m so happy to finally have this one-year-turned-two-year-long-project come to fruition.


Grab a copy from my shop!


The eBook version of this book is available now on Amazon/Kindle! Link:

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