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About Zaccura

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Zaccura (or ‘Zacky’ for short) is an illustrator, author, and YouTuber from the U.S.  She began taking illustration and writing seriously in 2014 with dreams of one day creating characters, worlds, and stories that could reach people from all around the globe.

In 2018 Zaccura ran a successful crowd-funded campaign to publish her very first illustrated storybook ‘Zig’s Journey’, which now sits on the bookshelves of readers from 6 different countries.
Update: 'Zig's Journey' is out NOW 
(can be found here)

In 2019 she went on to self-publish her second book: ‘YEAR: A collection of short stories’, which is a YA collection of 12 illustrated stories about everyday people overcoming everyday challenges in the face of not-so-everyday happenings.  It is currently in print (can be found here, or get the ebook here)

On any given day (or night!), you’ll find Zaccura hard at work at her desk, dreaming up the newest big project, and making it come to life.


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