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Laptop Fundraiser

To keep the Zaccura YouTube channel going strong

(Started 4/7/24. Progress bar updated manually) Goal reached on 5/4/24!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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Raised so far: $


of $2000 goal



A fundraiser for the Zaccura Youtube channel! If the goal is reached, a new laptop will be purchased, which will replace my current one that is on its last legs. This new laptop will be used for creating videos, artwork and all other content related to the Zaccura YouTube channel and brand. (This fund page is updated manually once a day for donations, and every few days for other sources) 

UPDATE: FULLY FUNDED as of 5/4/24!

HUGE heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed! We hit the goal in less than a month, and I'm in shock!  As of right now, I'm doing research & due diligence on the new laptop and where to buy it, to make sure the money is put in the right place. I also am working hard to finish some of the extra work I took on to

help with the fundraiser, so that I can block out some time to dedicate to getting & setting up the new device, and assure it is ready to be put to good use for hopefully a long time to come!  The goal is to get the device, latest, by the end of this month (May 2024). I'll keep people updated via my socials! Again,

THANK YOU!!!!💕😭  Any new contributions for as long as this page is up, will still be put towards the laptop (it retails for $2.8k. After taxes & necessary accessories it's a bit over $3k. I was expecting this and plan on covering the difference myself.  But any additional support from here on will mean I can put my

personal funds towards other channel equipment, like camera gear, extra hard drive storage, and other

things to help with video & art production.) Donations will be added to the fund bar daily, shop order rev will be added every few days.


1 - Donate to my PayPal (100% of your donation minus PayPal fees will be added to this fund)

2 - Grab some goodies from my shop (portion of revenue of each order will go to the fund, the rest is needed to cover expenses/shipping)

3 -EDIT: Now that the goal is reached, I'm not taking new commissions at this time as I focus on delivering outstanding ones! Commission some artwork from me (portion of revenue will go to the fund, rest to cover expenses/materials). 

4 - If you can’t support financially, watch & engage with videos on my channel (I get ad revenue when people watch) And spread the word by sharing this page and my Youtube channel with your family, friends, and followers. Especially share THIS video, which has the laptop message at the end.

Why (from Zaccura):


“My goal as an artist & content creator is to help, inspire, and entertain.  The place that I've been able to do that most effectively over that years has been YouTube (Perhaps you found this website from my channel! If so thanks for watching!)

The single most vital piece of equipment to my channel & art is my laptop. And it’s on its last legs. It’s 7 years old, and sadly faced a fall a few months ago that rendered the touch screen and pen function useless, and broke one of the fans. All 200+ videos on my channel, countless artworks, and practically every piece of content you see from me was created/edited on this laptop . It is still hanging on (I’m writing this webpage on it) but it could die any time – and that would mean no more YouTube videos because I do not own another computer powerful enough to handle video editing! 

broken laptop1.jpg

(Pictured: Current half-broken 7 year old laptop. Can't believe it's still working haha)

A new laptop with the internal hardware beefy enough to handle video editing and artwork can get very expensive – and as an independent artist and creator, it is a sizable investment that I need some help with.  Reaching this fund goal would mean I can buy a new laptop asap and keep making content for my audience! The actual laptop I'm shooting to buy retails at $2.8k 


I’m collecting money from everywhere I can - shop orders, donations, ad revenue, commissions etc - and updating this page manually every day.  Big or small, thank you so much for your support!💕”

Help keep the Zaccura YouTube channel going!


YouTube Laptop Fund Progress


Raised: $

of $2000 goal

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