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Digital Art

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Traditional Art


YEAR: A Collection of Short Stories

January 20, 2020

"What do you do if your best friend is about to drown, and you can’t swim?  How do you choose between caring for a sick kid, and getting food on the table? And who can you trust when it’s revealed your whole life was a...

Zig's Journey

January 30, 2019

Zig is a 13-year-old mute boy who has just embarked on a journey heading north, and along the way he’s keeping a journal where he’ll record everything he sees and experiences on his one-month trek...

String to the Other Side | A wordless Inktober story

October 01, 2017

For Inktober 2017, I decided to attempt to tell a wordless story by linking all 31 ink illustrations I would draw in that month together. It was a grueling month, but definitely worth the effort. The story follows a young girl named Willow who falls asleep and finds herself in a strange jungle-like world. But not to fear for she soon meets a young boy named Michael along with his animal companion who shows Willow the wonders of this world.

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